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Frequently asked questions

EXPOSED is a card game inspired by Steph & Kayls viral TikTok Exposing Series. This thrilling card game allows to turn the tables to expose your friends and family in a hilarious and unforgettable way. With 400 cards designed to reveal the hidden truths, get ready to ignite laughter and create unforgettable memories. Get ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable!!


EXPOSED is ages 17+

Family members that are about above the age 17, absolutely! The game is designed to create uncomfortable yet hilarious moments with anyone you may play with.

Not at this moment, but in the near future! Sign up for email updates to find out when you can get it at your nearest retailer or Amazon!

EXPOSED is designed for 3+ players.

1 game of EXPOSED typically takes around 30 minutes to play depending on the number of players that are playing.